Matching People with Unused Covid-19 Vaccines

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We're looking for Sponsors/Donors so that we can begin outreach, onboarding, and verification.

Rollout Phases

Phase 1: Build volunteer list - Quick stats on our growing list of volunteers

Phase 2: Allow pharmacists and vaccine administrators to access a portal to notify volunteers of vaccines sites, available times, etc.

The goal is to prevent vaccines from going to waste.

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About this site

Hi! My name is Tom Swift. I run a small web / app development firm 1821 Design.
I want to use my technical ability to help during this global pandemic.
Email any questions or comments.

Please note:
Currently, we do not have any affiliations with any vaccine providers. We are quickly working and growing a substantial list of 'ready to receive volunteers,' then interact with the various stakeholders involved to match people with vaccines. This is an ever-changing landscape, please bear with us on changes to the site.
Privacy Statement: Form information collected will not be sold or shared beyond Vax Matcher's intended use of matching volunteers with vaccines. We use Google Analytics.